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Colt Lightning 22 S-L

Colt Lightning 22 S-L

Expertly restored small frame Colt Lightning rifle, 22 short or long.  SN 77543, Mfd. 1903. C&R eligible.  Expertly hand polished and refinished.  All corners are sharp and stamps are deep and clear.  The rampant Colt has been restamped on the receiver.  As close as you can come to buying a brand new Lightning small frame.  It would cost twice the asking price to have a rifle restored to this level.  C&R eligible.


If you have any questions or would like to purchase any of our firearms, contact us at or call 541-219-0394.  We accept money orders, personal checks (with 10 day hold) or Layaway.  Sorry, we no longer accept credit cards due to tracking of firearms transactions.  Antique firearms can be shipped directly to your door.  Modern and C&R eligible firearms must comply with all state and federal shipping carrier's regulations for transfer and shipping of firearms.

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