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The Ranch


The Cinnabar CA.1890

The heart of The Cinnabar is the former Currier Ranch founded by prominent early pioneer Manley Currier.  The Currier family raised beef cattle and mounts for the US cavalry as well as operating the local hotel and mining cinnabar (mercury ore).

The Ranch 2020.JPG

The Cinnabar today

Today, The Cinnabar is owned and operated by the Colahan and Douglas families.  The Currier ranch was purchased from the Currier family in 1967 and added to the family's existing ranch and homestead lands to make up The Cinnabar.  Cattle, alfalfa and goats are the primary products of the ranch today.


Hotel Chewaucan

The Hotel Chewaucan was built in 1910.  It was owned and operated by the Currier family until closed in the early 60's.  Sadly, it was destroyed by fire in 1977.  In addition to guest rooms, it also included a restaurant, bar and soda fountain.

Conn Mill Winter 1897-89.BMP

Conn Grist Mill

A water powered grist mill once sat on the lands of The Cinnabar.  Owned by Virgil Conn, a local business leader and member of the Oregon legislature, it produced flour at a time when grain was grown extensively in the area.

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