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Morse Confederate Carbine - Very Rare

Morse Confederate Carbine - Very Rare

Very Rare Confederate Morse Carbine. SN 644, Mfd. 1864.  Because of a lack of idustrial capacity, there were very few firearms manufactured in the South during the Civil War.  It's the first firearm designed to utilize a self-contained metallic cartridge.  This Morse carbine is one of a scant few Southern-made Confederate firearms surviving today.  After moving the production equipment around the South to escape Union advancements, the equipment was eventually set up in South Carolina.  The State of South Carolina ordered 1,000 of these carbines.  This is serial number 644 of those produced. 


This is an excellent example of a Morse carbine which appears to be original and complete except for the cleaning rod.  The gunmetal (bronze) receiver appears to have been cleaned at some point in the past, but is darkening to a patina finish.  The barrel has no original finish with only light surface roughness and very light speckling, no heavy pitting.  The three groove bore is still excellent.  It appears to have been shot very little.  The maple stocks are in excellent condition with an arrow carved into the left wrist.  It's in excellent mechanical conditon with a great bore.   


Don't miss the rare opportunity to own a peice of Confederate Civil War history.

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