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Winchester 1873 44 WCF 30 Barrel Set Triggers SN 30426

Winchester 1873 44 WCF 30 Barrel Set Triggers SN 30426

Very Early 2nd Model Winchester 1873 in 44-40.  30" Octagon Barrel & Set Trigger.  SN 30426, Mfd. 1878.  This is one of the very first 1873 produced with the 2nd model thumbprint dust cover and screwed on dust cover rail.  Sports a 30" barrel and working set trigger.  Like the 1st model 1873's, it has a 5-groove barrel, a screw-in mag tube cap and firing pin bushing in the bolt face.  Remains in good mechanical condition with a working set trigger.  Metal surfaces have been artificially aged.  Current configuration matches the Winchester factory records.  A very interesting early 1873.


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